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The INfield Advantage program is a collaborative program made possible through a partnership between the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Indiana Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and Truterra, LLC, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, Inc.  This program offers Indiana farmers resources and tools to try cover crops on their farms and evaluate the results before deciding to adopt the practice. With emerging carbon market opportunities, INfield Advantage also provides farmers a chance to prepare their farms for participation in these new markets.

INfield Advantage has been providing trial-based management practice evaluations since 2011. Through the program’s agronomic partners, farmers have access to the highest quality assessment technology and expertise — allowing them to leverage real, personalized, on-farm data to understand how field-specific practices can influence input use, soil health and ultimately yields or input cost savings.

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Understanding opportunities to make better management decisions comes from one of two places: analyzing the cost benefit of the practice change yourself, or working with a peer or certified agronomic expert to do so. With INfield Advantage, you get both.

All trial programs work with agronomic partners to evaluate the right data points to determine current state and after-trial state of implemented practices. Collecting personalized, in-field data gives you, the grower, the opportunity to truly see how a practice change will impact your bottom line and soil health

Privacy/data sharing: Your personalized data is your own, and it will remain that way. All participants sign privacy agreements, and data will never be shared. All data presented to other entities is aggregated and identifying factors are removed.

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Through tools, such as the Truterra™ platform, and leading partner expertise, alongside farmer-to-farmer conversations, participants can evaluate practices in regards to crop health, environmental field conditions and yield. Through soil sampling, tissue sampling and soil health assessments, participants can dig into data points that matter. All data collected during trials is provided to the participating farmer with complete analysis and interpretation to provide the best starting point for practice optimization.

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INfield Advantage has a dual purpose, provide insights that drive beneficial practice changes for Indiana farmers while positively impacting soil health and water quality. The next step in collecting and analyzing personalized, on-farm data is to make implementation improvements that reach these goals.

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Your decisions today, impact your tomorrow. Better understanding drives better decisions. With INfield Advantage, trying the practices first ensures you, the farmer, make the right decisions for your field and your operation. At the same time, adapting practices that benefit soil health and water quality supports our natural resources and surrounding communities.

INfield Advantage is made possible with funding from Indiana Corn and Soybean checkoff dollars, Indiana State Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Conservation Service.