Opportunity You Can Hang Your Hat On

INfield Advantage is a proactive, collaborative opportunity for farmers to collect and understand personalized, on-farm data to optimize their management practices to, ultimately, improve their bottom line and benefit the environment.

“The program is an opportunity for us, as producers, to take a proactive step and learn more about the effects we have on the environment and how those effects can impact our bottom line.”

case studies

Case studies were developed to highlight Indiana counties and their experiences with INfield Advantage. These case studies will provide you with insights from a number of INfield Advantage participants and their county group leaders regarding their involvement in INfield Advantage. 




Results Map

With INfield Advantage, participants receive personalized, field-specific data coupled with local aggregated results from other participants. Search through our database and see what other INfield Advantage participants are seeing in their counties.*

*Please note all data is anonymous. Each participant is assigned a unique identification number and is known only to them and the program coordinator.

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