“The biggest benefit to participating in this program was the aerial imagery. It has been invaluable for identifying problems, especially with equipment.”

Don’t see your county or watershed represented?

Each group has a 4-letter abbreviation (e.g. Eagle Creek Watershed is abbreviated INEC). The map above shows current areas with INfield Advantage groups. Contact us using the form below to learn more about participating in INfield Advantage in your area.

INfield Advantage provides participants access to tools to collect on-farm data, allowing participants to assess numerous farm variables and inputs, including crop nutrients.

Access your data, as well as other local farmers’ data by using the search tool below.

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Case Studies

Case studies were developed to highlight Indiana counties and their experiences with INfield Advantage. These case studies will provide you with insights from a number of INfield Advantage participants and their county group leaders regarding their involvement in INfield Advantage.
Jasper County Clinton County