“No matter where your operation is located, you can use this program and its powerful tools to build a local data set to see how nutrient management varies in field-specific scenarios.”

  • INfield Advantage provides you the opportunity to gather and analyze personalized, field-specific data.

    Program tools:

    • Corn stalk nitrate testing (CSNT): Determine nitrogen use efficiency at the end of the growing period 
    • Aerial imagery: Observe fields from above to discover possible issues, including soil compaction and equipment malfunctions
    • Replicated strip trials (RST): Compare different rates, forms, timing and placement of crop nutrients within a single field to evaluate nutrient efficiency and associated yield
  • Through peer-to-peer group discussion and local aggregated results, INfield Advantage’s tools help you understand and evaluate unbiased, individualized data.

    Participation requirements:

    • Minimum of 20-acre field to enroll
    • Commitment to follow specified protocols
    • Willingness to share ideas with other crop producers in the area
    • Readiness to learn about nutrient management strategies and conservation practices
  • Make more informed decisions by utilizing INfield Advantage insights to compare and implement management opportunities that optimize inputs and improve profits.

    Learn more about how other Indiana farmers have optimized their inputs. 

  • Proactive input management leads to improved soil health and water quality. Your decisions today impact your tomorrow.

    Learn more about INfield Advantage, here.



Results Map

With INfield Advantage, participants receive personalized, field-specific data coupled with local aggregated results from other participants. Search through our database and see what other INfield Advantage participants are seeing in their counties.*

*Please note all data is anonymous. Each participant is assigned a unique identification number and is known only to them and the program coordinator.

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