“The biggest thing I have learned while participating in this program is just how aerial imagery corresponds to things we are doing in the field. You see it in magazines and in the press, and it might not sink home, but when you see it in your field and on your farm and how it ties into practices you’ve done, it’s eye-opening.”

This case study will provide you with insights from three Clinton County farmers and their county group leader regarding their participation in INfield Advantage.

Since 2011, Clinton County farmers have been discussing and reviewing crop rotations, yield histories, tillage systems, cover crops and nitrogen application forms, timing and rates through participation in INfield Advantage.



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With INfield Advantage, participants receive personalized, field-specific data coupled with local aggregated results from other participants. Search through our database and see what other INfield Advantage participants are seeing in their counties.*

*Please note all data is anonymous. Each participant is assigned a unique identification number and is known only to them and the program coordinator.

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